World Environment Day is a day that prompts us to realize that as humans it is our duty to protect, preserve and nurture the unique environment that helps us and other species sustain. In spite of this, we humans have come far down the road of exploitation and are still ignorant of the level of profligacy that is creating a dystopian mother earth.

Trees are the biggest plants that help maintain the ecological balance, provides habitat for many creatures, is one of the best ways to mitigate climate change, purifies water and of course provides us with oxygen. The Nilgiris is home to several native trees, kinds of grass and shrubs. These native species play an important role in the special cultures that prevail in the Nilgiri region.

On World Environment Day, in consultation with Nakubetta Foundation and Nilgiris Environment and Cultural Service Trust (NEST), we met with the village head of Kadukodu (A Badaga village in Kotagiri)  to plant native trees surrounding the village land.

Mr. Laxman – Village leader showed a keen interest in this endeavor to plant native trees.  Speaking during the planting event, he said ” We are glad to have such an event, it makes us realize that in the last decade we’ve been clearing community land to grow tea, that has drained our water resources. We will put all our effort in bringing back these native species and will encourage neighboring villages to grow more”.

A total of 110 saplings were distributed to the community. Community members along with our staff dug pits and made all necessary arrangements for planting. We provided them with tree guards. Their enthusiasm clearly gives us a promise that they will conserve these saplings until it becomes a tree.

48 saplings were planted around the field on the 5th of June. In the coming day’s native grass species will be planted on the slopes of the field.