Keystone has been working in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (NBR) since 1993 with indigenous communities on eco-development initiatives. During the last couple of years, several thematic areas have taken form, derived from the original idea of a holistic approach to the issues of livelihoods, conservation & enterprise. These are Honey Hunting, Capacity Development, NTFP, Organic farming, Culture, Water & Sanitation, Enterprises, Biodiversity & Restoration, Community Wellness, Environmental governance, Apiculture and Networks.

2018 marks the quarter of a century anniversary for the Nilgiris-based NGO.

Interview with the founders 25 Keystone facts

Who Are We?

"Our Mission is to enhance the Quality of Life and the Environment with Indigenous Communities using Eco-development Approaches"

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""To go up the hills, singing songs that my father sang and his father before him, with my buffaloes ahead of me, and my family waiting back home – that is what I would like to do""

Shanmitha Raghu

""The work that you do each and every day, the efforts that you put in, you see the effect that happens in the communities, with the people…”"

Vishu Mani

"I want to make documentaries, documentaries on challenges that the indigenous people face in the present world"

T. Justin Raj

"I like everything about this. The bees, the pollination, the processes and the whole service that bees provide. "

Miller Ashok

"We are working with the fair trade principle, not only for our own local produce but also buying fair trade from other parts of the country"



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